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Developing A No Bull Mentality

When I started my wellness journey in September 2019, I was working on my mindset more than anything. From there, the nutritional journey began. Then came the physical exercise which was a long time coming. 

I’ve been married for 23 years to the most disciplined man I know. He has worked out diligently, always made his annual doctor appointment and regulates his diet as needed for as long as I can remember. He tried to get me to exercise for years and like most people, I would start and then stopped That song and dance went on for years until he finally gave up trying. 

When I started this time, I could see that his attitude was “we’ll see how long this lasts” and he was right for thinking so. He wasn’t sure if the mindset shift had happened. That was yet to be seen so when I was looking at workout shoes a few weeks into my flexibility training in November 2019, he highly encouraged me not to purchase them. He knows that I don’t

buy sneakers over $100 so he wanted to make sure I was not splurging before earning. He called me out on my false motivation and as much as I wanted them, I took his advice. It was November so staying committed through the holidays would be the true test of my commitment. After looking through my shoes, I realized I already had the perfect pair for my daily routine. Thanks for saving me over $100 babe!  

I kept this “earn it” mindset, used what I had and did not purchase any workout clothes until March 2020, when there was no doubt that I worked my butt off for them. 

We often fall into the splurge before we earn mindset as encouraged by western society. The need for instant gratification clouds our judgement and we are often left with buyers remorse which manifests in the form of regret, debt and guilt. Financial Fitness starts the same place as Physical Fitness, in the mind. Mental discipline is intentional and we earn the benefits in every area of our lives.

In June 2020, Father’s Day of all days, my husband and growth partner, hands me a box with a pair of Blush NoBull trainers, my FAVORITE sneaker! My mind was blown. You see, my husband doesn’t believe in participation trophies. He’s hard core. You get what you earn, PERIOD. In my eyes, he handed me a gold medal and let me know that he sees me and is proud.

When it comes to fitness and finance, set your mentality to a lasting discipline of NO BULL.

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