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A Holistic Coaching & Investment Firm

The Purpose Plan


Creating Wealth with Purpose

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Meet and Greet

This is the time you meet with one of our coaches and mutually gauge whether the client and coach can work together. If it feels like a good fit, we will partner together to reach your financial goals.

Building your financial foundation is the beginning of creating your Purpose Plan. We implement a comprehensive, process - driven approach to retirement planning. We guide our clients down the path to a better financial strategy with an analysis of goals and needs.

Our process is thorough, yet simple:

  1. Assess the readiness of our clients to retire in the future given their current lifestyle and assets.

  2. Develop strategies to get our clients closer to their goals. This process is on-going and continues throughout the lifetime of the plan.

  3. Through asset optimization we can create a financial strategy that lasts as long as you do.

Discovery Interview

We will provide you with coaching pertaining to your situation. In our Discovery Interview, we will gather data and identify your current financial situation and examine your philosophy, attitude and behavior in handling your money. 


We will help you prioritize where your money should be going.

Feasibility Study

In our Feasibility Study we will see which recommendations make sense and implement our agreed upon strategies. 

You will be receiving the following reports:

  • Social Security Timing Report

  • Tax Clarity Report

  • Portfolio Diagnostic Report

  • Portfolio Cost Analysis Report

  • Lifetime Analyzer


Once we input your data into the Lifetime Analyzer software, we get a 360° view of your current situation. It helps layout where you are today and what your future may look like. We can then make adjustments to lead you toward your financial goals. In the asset optimizer phase, we bring all your non-qualified assets together to create a tax efficient plan for your future.

Portfolio Diagnostic Report

The Portfolio Diagnostic measures your current investment information. The purpose of this personalized Portfolio Diagnostic is to help you understand how various mixes or styles of investment portfolios may have performed in the past.

Personalized Financial Strategy

We then complete a written plan of action and create your own personalized financial strategy. Every year, we will notify you that your annual review is approaching. It is important to meet and make adjustments as needed. The objective is to keep your plan on-track and in alignment with your goals. This will help you stay a

Remember, your financial strategy is a movie and not a snapshot. It is always changing. Therefore, we are committed to your long-term success and want you to create a life that you love.

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Our Process

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