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A Holistic Coaching & Investment Firm

Marcella Mollon-Williams, BFA


Co-Founder and COO

Behavioral Financial Advisor

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Marcella is the co-founder and COO of Legacy Builder Group, LLC, where she overlooks the firms operations. She is also a licensed insurance professional and advisor with CSP Financial Group, LLC with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. As a Behavioral Financial Advisor   , Marcella provides LBG with the crucial knowledge and expertise needed to help families manage their emotions and their decision making around their money. She conducts workshops that address financial and legacy mindset development and keynotes at conferences and events throughout the country. Marcella has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Finance and is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach.

Marcella has a passion for entrepreneurship and legacy building which is evident in her family. She co-founded the ExCEL Youth Mentoring Institute with her, then, thirteen year old daughter where she worked with young entrepreneurs and their families to provide mentorship opportunities and educational resources for leadership and entrepreneurial development.


Marcella has received numerous awards and recognition in finance and entrepreneurship and has made several appearances on radio, television and blogs discussing her insights on family, finance and entrepreneurship. Marcella is a contributing author of the book “The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship: What They Didn’t Tell You about Being A Woman in Business” and “The ABCs of Success”

Marcella is the mother of two and resides in Prince George's County, MD with her husband of 25 years.


We believe that each individual has unique value that contributed to the betterment of society. This includes each of us at Legacy Builder Group. Our advisors went through an extensive process to identify their unique value (superpower) and learn how to best serve you: 

"My Unique Value is creatively processing information for the purpose of stretching the mental perspectives of others"

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